Framework Compliance Management Software

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What is Framework Compliance software? 

Framework Compliance software enables businesses to demonstrate compliance with control frameworks such as ISO27001, ISO9001, Cyber Essentials and PCI DSS. 

It supports the process of setting up control frameworks, planning and scheduling control assessments and the subsequent creation of non-conformances / deficiencies and corrective actions. 

By automating internal controls management, enterprises can demonstrate compliance with various control frameworks whilst reducing time and costs. 

What are the benefits of Framework Compliance software?

Within the ever-changing compliance landscape, more and more businesses are finding it difficult to manage their obligations and ensure organisation wide adherence. 

If your business is to implement efficient control assessment programmes and achieve a high level of compliance, it is essential that it deploys a framework compliance software system which is genuinely fit for purpose.  

CoreStream Framework Compliance is a flexible technology platform which provides a centralised Framework Controls register that can be populated with content from the relevant regulations, standards and frameworks (such as ISO7001, ISO27002, ISO9001, PCI DSS and NIST). It can be utilised for any control framework and enables enterprises to map controls against other frameworks so they only have to be assessed once. 

Organisations can then centrally manage the creation of control assessments and the resulting nonconformances / deficiencies and remedial actions. This enables senior management to report on the state of framework compliance across the organisation and identify areas requiring attention. 

What are the risks of not having Framework Compliance Management software?

In today’s business world, an increasing number of issues which could potentially pose a threat to an organisation’s reputation and its ability to operate. These range from health and safety risks, cyber security issues and financial risks brought on by poor customer service to market challenges and supplier problems.  

Effective compliance management will help to maintain business continuity, provide reassurance for stakeholders and contribute to the organisation’s success. An effective internal framework compliance process provides a business with independent assurance that the controls they have in place are operating efficiently.  

Lack of such a function could potentially impact the overall effectiveness of an organisation’s compliance management strategy, leaving business assets, including data, not properly safeguarded and open to threat.  

Our intuitive technology enables efficient implementation of framework assessment programmes which cut the risk of non-compliance and offer early insights into any potential problems or issues which threaten your operations.  

Why CoreStream?

Whether performed internally or by an external provider, the key to deriving genuine value from compliance management processes lies in ensuring that non-conformances / deficiencies are turned into real actions to drive the required change.  


CoreStream’s flexible Framework Compliance Mmanagement software enhances your compliance management approach and mitigates risk by:  

  • Creating a centralised Controls Framework register which enables the collaborative management of controls, control assessments, non-conformances and actions.
  • Reducing the financial and administrative burden on your compliance procedures. 
  • Improving the efficiency of compliance management.
  • Delivering real-time, accurate insights into organisation-wide framework compliance, including the outcomes of reviews and assessments.
  • Assigning accountability for framework compliance.
  • Documenting control non-conformances and actions, and flagging them for remediation.
  • Ensuring full control over data privacy. 
  • Enabling targeted dissemination of compliance content including control assessments. 
  • Adapting to your specific sectoral needs. 
  • Increasing efficiency of your audit process and risk management procedures.