Health and Safety Management Software

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What is Health and Safety Management software?

Modern Health and Safety software can help organisations to create a culture which will prevent, predict, and reduce worker injury and claims.  

Health and Safety software should no longer be a simple logging tool. Instead, by centralising Risk Assessments, Audits, Incident tracking, and training, insights to your organisation’s safety stature can provide real operational, efficiency and financial benefits. 

Key to the success of a Health and Safety application is ease of use and accessibility. Users should be able to access their content quickly and efficiently on all devices, wherever they are, ensuring data is captured accurately and succinctly. As with all GRC systems, higher quality data capture directly leads to improved outcomes.  

Our innovative design ensures your Health and Safety system will support you in identifying trends which have the potential to damage your organisation and highlighting avoidable hazards which could lead to serious incidents.  

What are the benefits of Health and Safety Management software?

A safe work environment is a happy work environment. But when employees take time off work due to avoidable accidents, the impact can be wide reaching and far exceed the effect on the individuals concerned. When employees are unable to work at short notice, inefficiencies can have an immediate consequence as teams attempt to adapt to provide cover, putting standards of service to customers at risk, and increasing stress levels.  

What are the Risks of not having Health and Safety Management software?

In an increasingly litigious society, an inefficient Health and Safety strategy is not only detrimental to the mood, culture and happiness of your organisation, but also to its finances, potentially leading to costly fines and compensation claims.  

Why CoreStream?

CoreStream helps companies achieve safer, happier workplaces. Our industry leading, highly intuitive cloud-based software platform transforms safety culture and drives worker participation and leadership. 

Through innovative, low-cost mobile products we make it easy for organisations to reduce the risk of employee injury and potential compensation claims. 

By providing access to real-time analytics, our system enables you to analyse potential hazards and incidents and to anticipate and prevent future recurrence. Powerful insights from real time data provide confidence that your organisation is up to date and fully compliant with all relevant legislation.  

Our system also encourages and creates employee participation, eliminating productivity pressures with intuitive software that automates processes that are manual, repetitive or require follow-ups.